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Letters: Parade-goers rose to the occasion

I have been a member of the American Legion Post 212 for 36 years and during that time served in the color guard for many area parades. This year's 4th of July parade in Park Rapids was one of the best with the public rising, removing their caps and honoring our flag and the veterans. It was a great feeling to see this and all the flags flying.

A big thank you to the public who honored us and to the volunteers of the Legion Post 212, Marine Corps. League; Sons of the American Legion, Boy/Cub Scout color guards as well as the Legion Auxiliary and the Blue Star Mothers. Also a thank you to all the veterans and to the spouses and widows of past and current veterans who participated by riding in the parade. It was an honor and pleasure to have you aboard.

It is time to stay united and show our patriotism. We appreciate the public and community support.

Thanks again to all.

Vern Massie

Post 212 Adjutant